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Newly Upgraded Pipe Dredging Machine

4.25 star rating

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Newly Upgraded Pipe Dredging Machine


Paper scraps, hair, fibers, etc. Causes toilet cloggingWashing tableware residues, kitchen Blockage caused by oil pollution. Hair and omission after washing small objects cause blockage.Body dirt, hair, clothing. The fiber plunger floor drain.

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★ Easy To Use and Effective

The drain blaster uses the power of high-pressure compressed air to blast away the toughest clogs in your drains in just seconds. Just pump the drain blaster and squeeze the trigger, the clog is cleared instantly. Much faster than traditional plungers and snakes and no more waste time on drain openers.

★ Multi-function

It can deal with various blockages caused by all sorts of rubbish such as hair, cloth, tea, leaves, grease, oil dirties, and so on. With high-pressure air power, it clears drains quickly and easily. Perfect for works on sinks, tubs, and toilets.

★ Durable Quality

Beats using un-harmful chemicals that can not corrode your pipes or endanger your family! It is reusable and can last for years and clears clogs without a need for a call to the plumber, saving you from having to pay big bucks for a plumber.

★ Environmentally Friendly

ABS gun body, natural rubber blocked head. A natural rubber that is tough and durable for our drain blaster.

★ Wide Range of Use

Comes with 5cm, 6cm, 11.5cm, 4.3cm-11.5cm, 4 sized suckers, can be used in toilet, washbasin, bathtubs, shower, sink, squatting pan, floor drain, blocked pipes and etc.


TypeOther Hand Tools
Rubber + ABS engineering plastics
27.5 x 24cm


1.Please make sure the size of the sucker is correct.

2.Put a piece of the waterproof film before use to prevent splashing and making a mess.

3. "Sucker" should be pressed tightly against the drain, If the tightness is not enough, please add enough water (completely immersed in the water)to prevent air leak and air pressure.


1 x Pipe Dredging Machine
4 x Suction cup plug


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* As the manufacturer needs the serial number to provide a replacement, we highly recommend you keep the original packing box or take picture of the code before discarding it. Thank you!

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4.25 out of 5
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By James M. Wheeler asked on 2021-07-28T10:38:20.000000Z

Q :
Can this unclog poop?
A :
Work good after you learn how to use it

By 5StarTool offical asked on 2021-07-28 10:38:20

By Larry L. Hemphill asked on 2021-07-28T10:38:05.000000Z

Q :
Would this work in a sink with an overflow opening?
A :
Yes but you need to cover the hold with something or it will shoot junk out.

By 5StarTool offical asked on 2021-07-28 10:38:05

By Luz F. Smith asked on 2021-07-28T10:37:52.000000Z

Q :
Can I use this for clogged washing sink?
A :

By 5StarTool offical asked on 2021-07-28 10:37:52

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newly upgraded pipe dredging machine
Newly Upgraded Pipe Dredging Machine
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