Step 1
Add some item(s) into your shopping cart
Select the product variant like type/color/ and warehouse and QTY if necessary. Then click on “Add to Cart”, “Buy Now”. or "Paypal Express Checkout"

Choose Tools Variant Add to Card

If you want to purchase several items, please click on “Add to Cart” so you can add more items to your shopping cart.
If you just want to purchase one item, please click on “Buy Now” for a fast purchase. Alternatively you can also click on “Add to Cart”.

Step 2
Check out when item selection is completed.
Click on “View cart to check details” if you want to review the item(s) selected and make some modifications if necessary. Please note you can directly delete some item(s) here by clicking the “X” at the right side of each item.
Click on “CHECKOUT” if you confirm the item(s) in cart and are ready to place the order.
Shop Online at 5startool

Shop Online at 5startool

Step 3
Log in your 5startool account.
Choose Login if you already have an account on our site.
Shop Online at 5startool Log in

Choose Register (if you do not have an account on our website) to register with your available email account.

Shop Online at 5startool Register

Please follow above Step 2 after logging into your account or registering an account. Click on “View cart to check details” to view the item(s) selected.

Step 4
Complete shipping and billing information.
Fill in the shipping address.
shop online at 5startool shipping information

Please note you can either use the “Default address” in your account or “Add New Shipping Address” if you have a new delivery address.

shop online at 5startool edit shipping information

If your billing address is the same as the shipping address, please select “My billing and shipping address are the same”.
If your billing address is different, please do not select it and choose your correct billing address or “Add New Billing Address”.
shop online at 5startool billing information

Step 5
Choose one shipping method option for each warehouse item.
* If you choose two (three) warehouse products in one order, you need to pay the shipping fee for two (three) warehouse shipments.
shop online at 5startool choose shipping method

Choosing payment methods from all the available payment methods displayed. Wallet and Debit/Credit Card can be used together or separately during payment. If you have coupon code or reward points can be used, please fill in for some discounts.
shop online at 5startool choose payment method

Please click 'Pay Now' to finish your order. Select Paypal to redirect to Paypal log-in page, or select stripe/ credit card to redirect to credit card information requested page to complete payment and finish your order.