Electronic Mini Precision Digital Scale

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Electronic Mini Precision Digital Scale

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Electronic Mini Precision Digital Scale

 Tare Function.
 Counting Function.
 Low Power Indicator.
 Unit: g/oz/ozt/dwt/ct/t/gn (“J” unit can choose or remove the unit.)


Auto Power Off
3 Minutes(adjustable) No shut off Using USB power 
Operation Temperature0-35°
LCD Display6 digits LCD Display
Back lightWhite 
Power Supply2 x AAA Batteries or USB (NOT INCLUDED)
Dimension120 x 67 x 17.5mm
Net Weight88.4g
Salver size66 x 59mm

Put the Scale on the stable & windless place with 2 x AAA batteries or USB connection.
1. Press “ON/OFF”, it displays 0.00 after 3 seconds.
2. Put the article on the tray, it reading the result of the article when the unit stop flashing.
3. Press UNIT to change the weighing unit.
4. Press TARE gently can be tared.
5. Press COUNT for counting function.
6. Press ON/OFF to power on or power off.
7. Calibration function.
Press ”ON/OFF” about 3 seconds till it display “0”, then release the button, It shows a weight value(such as 500.0), put the 500g weight on it(can press TARE to change the weight value), it flashs till displays the weight value. The calibration is completed. (please do calibration if the scale cannot give correct reading because of temperature difference or other reasons. )
8. Counting operation.
At weighing mode 0.00, get 25, 50, 75 or 100pcs as sample, put the sample on the weighing pan and display the value, then press “PCS” 3 seconds it will display P25PCS(P50,P75, P100), press “UNIT” to choose the sample quantity value, press COUNT button for confirming, it will display the quantity of the weighing article, press COUNT again to return counting mode, it shows PCS, now can add the quantity of the weighing articles to count.
9. Setting the units display function(J unit).
It use different weighing unit in different country, some unit is not necessary, You can shield the useless unit. Press UNIT 3 seconds to activate all the units, press UNIT again to choose the useless unit, press TARE to confirm or remove the unit. Press UNIT again to choose the next one then press TARE again for confirm. Press UNIT 3 seconds to complete the unit choosing and return to the weighing mode. Press UNIT to verify the units quantity. Do the above steps again for re-setting. 
10. Unit Conversion.
1). Please use the scale in stable & windless place
2). Never put on the tray the weight over the rated one, otherwise the sensor part will be damaged. When applying the article, please conduct it gently.
3). Do not making the phone call in a range of 50 com when using the product, or it will affect the result.
4). Read the weighing value when the units symbol stop flashing.
5). Please change the battery when the battery symbol flashing, the scale will power off.
6). Please use the product in 0-30° , big temperature difference may cause error.  If temperature difference is noticeable, please do the calibration, Please guarantee the product work on over 30 minutes when doing the calibration.
7). It will display “FULL” when overload.


1 x Digital 600g x 0.01g Scale(no USB Line) 
1 x Carrying Pouch 
1 x User Manual


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