The labor saving arm refers to light and small lifting equipment that uses a rigid lifting piece as a working device and uses an upper bracket or a lower bracket to push heavy objects with a small stroke.

The labor-saving arms include mechanical labor-saving arms and hydraulic labor-saving arms, etc., and their principles are different. In principle, based on the most basic principle of hydraulic transmission is Pascal's law, the pressure at both ends of the liquid is the same. As mentioned above, in the balance system, the small piston receives less pressure, and the larger piston receives greater pressure, and the liquid remains stationary.

The labor-saving arm can be divided into the rack-type labor-saving arm, spiral labor-saving arm, and hydraulic (hydraulic) labor-saving arm according to the structural characteristics. According to other methods, it can be divided into separate labor-saving arms, horizontal labor-saving arms, claw labor-saving arms, synchronized labor-saving arms, hydraulic labor-saving arms, electric labor-saving arms, etc. The commonly used labor-saving arms are spiral labor-saving arms, hydraulic labor-saving arms, and electric labor-saving arms. Wait.

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Spiral labor-saving arm. The screws of the labor-saving arm are not self-locking and are equipped with a brake. When the brake is released, the heavy object can descend quickly by itself, shortening the return time, but the structure of this labor-saving arm is very complicated. The spiral labor-saving arm can support heavy objects for a long time, with a maximum lifting capacity of 100 tons, which is widely used. After installing the horizontal screw at the bottom, you can move the heavy object laterally.

Hydraulic labor-saving arm. In the hydraulic transmission system, it is used as an intermediate medium to transfer and convert energy. It also plays a role in lubricating, anti-corrosion, cooling, and cleaning the components of the hydraulic system when in use.

Electric labor-saving arm. Install a pressure holding device inside the labor-saving arm to prevent pressurization. If there is an overvoltage, the labor-saving arm will not return to a certain position. The special structure can double protect the labor-saving arm. After installing the drive device, a lower height can be achieved. The purpose of high travel.

The foundation of the thelabor-saving arm. The foundation of the labor-saving arm must be firm, firm, and reliable. When installing the labor-saving arm on the bottom surface, please use road wood or other appropriate materials to resist to expand the force-bearing area.

Placement of the labor-saving arm. When placing a labor-saving arm on soft ground, place a square log under the labor-saving arm and do not tilt. When lifting heavy objects, please place the support slider under the heavy objects at any time. However, your hands must not be strayed into the danger zone.

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During the placement of the labor-saving arm, keep the line of action of the load's center of gravity consistent with the axis of the labor-saving arm. During the jacking process, strictly prevent the tilting and inclination of the labor-saving arm caused by the sinking of the foundation of the labor-saving arm and the horizontal displacement of the load. Use hardwood blocks when necessary to prevent the labor-saving arm from sliding on the metal surface of heavy objects or the smooth surface of the concrete.

Crane operation. The jacking height should not exceed the effective jacking stroke. When lifting large objects such as beams, lift both ends separately. The labor-saving arm is not allowed to be overloaded.

Don't worry about starting the labor-saving arm. It must rise at a certain rhythm, and slowly when it falls. When multiple labor-saving arms are used at the same time, synchronous operation is required. After the operation of the labor-saving arm, check carefully, check the hydraulic pressure and hazard, perform maintenance, and place it in a suitable position.

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