Engraving is a common operation for DIY and custom products. With the right mini engraver pen set, you can complete many interesting projects easily and accurately. Here are some tips to help you sculpt.

1. Practice first

To learn how to use your tool, try to practice various shapes on an extra piece of material, and then you can throw it away. Even if you have a lot of the good skills mentioned in this article, you still need some practice time to become a confident and successful sculptor. There is no better way to learn than trying it yourself, so please get more materials and start practicing your skills.

2. Use templates.

If possible, consider printing a paper template to guide your work. This is particularly useful in the beginning, because you may not have the necessary confidence to create something completely free. For example, if you plan to etch your name on some tools, try to print your name in proper proportions, and then use the printed copy as a guide when engraving.

3. Apply pressure.

This is one of the first tips needed to successfully complete the engraving project. Although you don't need to lean on the pen when you use it, you don't want it. Is it important to provide enough pressure to actually mark the object at hand? Of course, the pressure required depends largely on the material you want to engrave. Materials such as plastic or glass usually don't need too much pressure, because you may need a little elbow grease to mark metal tools.

4. Remove the dust on the power tool.

Make sure to wipe or blow off the dust regularly to prevent dust from accumulating in your work area. Again, it boils down to the need to be able to see what you are doing. Dust removal will keep your work surface clean and ensure that you can clearly see the material throughout the engraving process.

5. Use a clean surface.

Before starting, make sure that the surface to be treated has been thoroughly cleaned. Some materials can be cleaned properly with soap and water, while others require more professional cleaning products. Research the exact type of material you are using, then choose your cleaning method appropriately.

6. Don't overheat.

In the process of engineering, friction will generate heat, which requires intermittent rest to fully cool the tooltip of the engraving machine. It shouldn’t take long to calm down to a reasonable level, so try to take regular breaks when completing a large project.

7. Light!

Sculpting in the dark is not a good time for anyone, absolutely not safe. Make sure that your work area has enough light above or in front of you so that your head and shoulders will not cast shadows on your work.

8. Protect the material.

Engraving is hard enough. You don't want to hit a moving target. Before starting any project, make sure that the material you are engraving will not move during the work process. For heavy objects, such as large wrenches, you may not need to do anything except on the workbench. However, if the project is to be successful, light objects must be protected

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