There are two options for the glue gun. Hot melt glue guns cover most Tecbond glue stick formulations, providing a wider range of options for bonding. The low-heat glue gun works at a lower temperature and is safer to use because the risk of burns is reduced.

What is the difference between a cordless lithium hot glue gun and a low melt glue gun?

Low melt the glue gun.

The low melting point glue gun is safe and easy to use. Because of the lower temperature, they reduce the risk of burns and are the glue gun to bond heat-sensitive materials, handicrafts and campuses. We have someone directly apply a low-melting adhesive on an inflatable balloon, and the balloon did not burst! Defect: binding glue formula.

Hot melt glue gun

High-melt glue guns have a wider range of adhesive formulations to choose from. Contain more challenging materials such as polypropylene, plastic, ABS, acrylic, and even metal.

You should always choose glue guns based on the type of glue used, the required dispensing speed, and the nature of the project.

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