When using different types of fasteners, there is no need to purchase a bunch of separate tools. Most universal sleeves can hold anything, from square nuts to hexagonal nuts to eye hooks.

Universal socket grip tools can replace the complete set of wrenches. Compared with traditional tools, the holding force is stronger, and the parts with uneven forces on screws and parts can be easily disassembled through a universal sleeve.

What is the principle of the universal sleeve? Simply put, 54 high-hardness Cr-V alloy steel needles are densely arranged inside the sleeve, and there are no gaps between the steel needles. This ensures that it fits the part perfectly.

At the same time, the steel needle can be extended and retracted to a depth of up to 10 mm. No matter what type of screw and nut, as long as the size is 7-19 mm, they can be put into the sleeve, and the parts can be easily screwed out.

In addition, each steel needle has an independent spring, so that the steel needles work independently, do not interfere with each other, and are not easy to break. Can easily replace the wrench.

Moreover, a double hexagon design is adopted. When the nut is clamped into the sleeve, the middle hexagon and the hexagon in the cylinder play the role of the clamping position, and the three form the supporting point, which can make the nut eat more tightly. , There is no gap in the middle and it will not slip.

No matter what type of strange shape of nuts and screws, they can be tightened by inserting a universal sleeve. That refreshing feeling, everyone who has used it said it is good!

In the simple maintenance of the daily home, as long as equipped with such a set of tools, you can say goodbye to the complicated toolbox. Especially for small partners who rent a house, it is better to know fewer things when moving.

In terms of product specifications, there are big sleeves and small sleeves. Especially for small partners who rent a house, it is better to keep things small when moving.

The small socket set consists of a socket, a wrench, and an adapter, which can be connected with an electric tool. The wrench can be used directly on the socket. This combination has no problem in dealing with daily minor repairs in the family.

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