I believe that most families have different power tools, but you need to understand their precautions to use them. Through this article, you can learn about the precautions of a mini cordless electric chainsaw.

The size of the chainsaw

The larger the saw, the more difficult it is to use. The safety of the chainsaw is very important, so you can't undertake more work than necessary.

The weight of the chainsaw

The chainsaw may be heavy. It is very troublesome to use. As fatigue may cause accidents during use, please select a model with an appropriate weight.

Chain cutting speed

The cutting speed of the chain is measured in meters per second (m/s). The faster the cutting speed, the faster the chainsaw can cut large branches and logs.

Chain lubrication

Lubrication is important to keep the chain moving smoothly. Many models include automatic lubrication, but other models require manual lubrication with compatible oils.

Six safety features of the electric saw

An anti-vibration system can maintain vibration to the maximum, making the cutting of the saw blade more comfortable.

If the chain is broken, the chain collector can prevent the chain from loosening and damage.

Most models have a safety trigger to prevent accidental operation of the saw.

This chain brake will reduce the risk of injury when encountering sudden movements such as kickbacks and stop the chain saw.

The safety guard prevents the hand from hitting debris or slipping onto the blade when encountering a kickback.

Use the blade cover when not using the chain saw to prevent wear and accidents.

Chainsaw safety gear

When using a chain saw, you need to wear safety devices such as helmets, gloves, and sheaths. To operate a chainsaw, the user must be over or close to 16, depending on the time of the last day of the school year.

Chainsaw chain replacement

If the chain cutting effect is not so good or fast enough, it may need to be replaced to avoid damage to the rest of the machine. The chain replacement can be installed on almost all chainsaws. When you reserve or replace the chain, be sure to check the manual of the chain saw to confirm the correct model and size required.

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