The method of use varies with the type of food thermometer. Follow the steps below to use the digital touch screen cooking thermometer.


Step 1: If the device is a digital device, please turn on the thermometer to record before inserting food.

Step 2: Insert a thermometer in the center of the thickest part of the food during cooking. Using an oven-safe thermometer may happen before the food is cooked. If not, cook the food for an appropriate time before performing this step.

Step 3: Read the temperature of the display or dial. Check the readings against the safe minimum cooking temperature for a given food. If the food is not cooked yet, repeat step 2 after cooking for a while.

Infrared measurement-analysis-instruments

Step 1: Point the infrared thermometer at the food whose surface temperature you want to measure. If you want to accurately measure the internal temperature of the hot oil, you can take a little hot oil from the center of the pot and point the thermometer there.

Step 2: Press the trigger button until the thermometer shows the reading, and then continue to press it. A laser pointer may appear, showing the location of the thermometer.

Step 3: Record the temperature and repeat if necessary.

Confectionery/Fried Food

Step 1: Clamp the thermometer on the side of the pot to prevent the front end from touching the bottom of the pot. Damage or destruction of the thermometer.

Step 2: Put the necessary ingredients in the pot and turn on the heating. Please immerse the tip of the thermometer in the liquid.

Step 3: Monitor the reading of the thermometer during the cooking process. Adjust the heat under the pot as needed to avoid overheating or over-regulation.

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