Any tools need to be maintained and cleaned to ensure their optimal performance. Learn how to maintain a 21V Max Li-ion Cordless Drill/ Driver Kit through this article.

Use of an electric drill

When the drill bit suddenly freezes when using it, release the trigger to find out the cause of the freeze first, then alleviate the problem and restart.

Always apply pressure in a straight line with the drill bit. Use enough pressure to engage the drill bit, but don't use too much force to prevent the motor from stopping or deflecting the drill bit.

Hold the tool firmly with both hands and control the twisting action of the drill bit. If the side handle is not installed, hold it from the bottom.

When the drill is pulled out at the end of the operation, keep the drill running to avoid being stuck.

Always start drilling at a low speed and increase gradually.

If the speed of the hammer begins to drop when digging a deep hole, pull the drill bit out of the hole while the tool is running to remove the debris from the hole.

When drilling, apply enough force to the hammer to avoid the excessive rebound or "rising" from the drill bit. Excessive force will slow down the bit speed and overheat. Based on this, you will learn how to maintain a cordless drill.

Cleaning of power drill

Keep your drill bit clean. Use a soft mist-like fabric for cleaning. Do not wet the drill bit with a liquid or rust inhibitor.

After all the work is over, dust off all the dust. Avoid objects entering the drill bit, nor getting stuck on the motor or affecting the gears. The debris will not stop your electric drill overnight, but it will slowly start to have problems, seriously affecting the life of the entire cordless drill.

Lubrication of electric drill

A drill bit is a mechanical product that involves multiple gears and complex mechanical switches to adjust the maximum torque, direction, and characteristics; therefore, lubrication is required.

The first is to lubricate the chuck with lubricating oil so that the oil can seep into the gear. Second, open the complete gear system and fill the gearbox with enough grease.

The first method is to open the chuck, and a sufficient amount of oil needs to be injected into the opening. Then, manually open and close the chuck several times. Wipe off excess oil to prevent debris from accumulating.

Lubrication can be very troublesome. Oiling the impact wrench may be easier than oiling the drill bit, and it is almost unnecessary to oil the drill bit; pay close attention to the noise generated by the drill after 2-3 years of use. If there is a significant change, it indicates that lubrication is required.

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