In addition to cooking, the most time-consuming task is to cut vegetables and peel them. With good kitchen tools, the experience in the kitchen will become better.

Multifunctional Kitchen Vegetable Cutter

Multifunctional Kitchen Vegetable Cutter is a very good kitchen tool. The use of harmless materials can be used with confidence. The sharp blade and drainable design can greatly save cooking time. The whole product can be cleaned with water and is hygienic.

This new type of vegetable cutter has 4 ultra-sharp blades, a fast drain filter basket, a non-slip food container, a compact design for easy storage, etc., to meet the needs of customers.

This knife has 4 new blades-thin shreds, which are most suitable for the perfect French cutting of any vegetable. Thick shreds are used to make delicious potato chips and healthy carrot snacks. Using the blade of the wave slicer, you can decorate food like a real chef. Using a classic slicer, you can cut onions and garlic, and you can also prepare the best vegetable salad.

Specially designed non-slip food container, which can be firmly grasped during the preparation process. Don't worry about the slices falling anywhere and making a mess. It is strongly recommended to use safe food racks when slicing, especially small vegetables, fruits, and cheeses.

The blade is made of hardened 420 stainless steel, and each piece is perfect. ABS plastic is non-toxic, ensuring a 100% healthy diet for you and your family.

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