Nitrile Dipped Anti-cut Gloves do not contain ingredients that cause latex allergies, so they are a high-quality choice when looking for protective nitrile rubber work gloves. This article will introduce why you choose nitrile-dipped gloves.

Why choose coated gloves?

nitrile dipped anti-cut gloves

The coating of these coated work gloves covers the entire palm and all five fingers. This coating prevents wear, scratches, hooks, and many oils and chemicals. In addition, it also provides dexterity, grip, and durability, while being able to keep the back of the hand breathing to maintain comfort.

Nitrile rubber-coated gloves are a priority for employers and employees in all walks of life hand-and-power-tool-accessories, including machinery, paint, and final assembly, because they provide excellent protection and comfort. They are also widely used as construction gloves. The unique feature of these nitrile rubber gloves is that they provide a barrier between the hand and work, maintaining the softness of most naked hands. In the past, work gloves were mainly made of leather or heavy materials. This really hinders flexibility and feelings. Due to this feature, nitrile rubber work gloves are very popular and used all over the world. Workers can work efficiently and comfortably while working.

Nitrile rubber gloves

The flat dip technique is the most common type of coating in coated work gloves. Essentially, this work glove is achieved by dipping the glove in a coating of nitrile rubber covering the palm and fingers. This accurate method of soaking gloves can produce seamless coated gloves that provide the wearer with a combination of durability and comfort. Due to these advantages, nitrile rubber gloves have quickly become a priority in the following industries: automotive, assembly, and storage. They also developed the name construction gloves.

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Thickness and protection

Obviously, there is a correlation between the thickness of the coating and the amount of protection provided. When buying coated work gloves, it is important to consider the thickness of the coating. The coating has different thicknesses and can provide different levels and types of protection.

Generally, all kinds of coated work gloves can prevent cuts, abrasions, and mild chemical exposure. The thick coating of nitrile rubber is stronger.

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