Cars are a necessity of modern life. More and more people have their own private cars, and car supplies and car maintenance supplies have become an indispensable part of vehicle maintenance. This article describes how to choose a  high-pressure car wash water gun set.

Car wash water gun nozzle

high pressure car wash water gun set

The nozzle of the car wash water gun looks very simple, but it is actually very knowledgeable. The most fragile part of the car wash water gun is the nozzle. It is best to choose a copper nozzle.

The hose of the car wash water gun

The water pipe of the car wash water gun needs to be resistant to pressure, cold, high temperature, corrosion, and aging. Inferior high-pressure water pipes are very soft. After being filled with high-pressure water, they are easily crushed by the wheels, and the pipes will burst soon. After a long time of use, they are easy to age. It is best to choose EVA or PVC material for car wash water pipes.

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Types of car wash water guns

There are also many types of the water spray guns, and the quality varies greatly. Divided by material, generally, there are zinc alloy copper head guns, plastic copper core guns, plastic galvanized guns, and all plastic guns. The whole body of a good-quality zinc alloy gun should be zinc alloy, wrapped with good plastic on the outside, and good PP plastic for hand grip. The gun made in this way does not rust, is not fragile, has a long life, and is easy to carry. Compared with the quality of the above several types of guns, zinc alloy guns should be the best, followed by plastic copper core guns, and plastic guns are more common. By the way, the copper color of the gun tip of a good zinc alloy copper tip gun is brighter, darker, and not black. That is the copper purity should be high. It feels very good when you use your hands.

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