Digital Laser Rangefinder is the most commonly used measurement tool, which can achieve rapid distance measurement and other spatial measurements. Compared with optical rangefinders and ultrasonic rangefinders, Experts prefer laser rangefinders in their daily work.

digital laser rangefinder

How does the laser rangefinder work?

The laser rangefinder emits electromagnetic pulses to the laser beam through its photoelectric system. The laser beam reflects off the target surface and returns to the rangefinder. Second, the system of the rangefinder processes the beam to measure the distance. The system of the device measures the distance by analyzing the propagation time in two planes based on the phase delay of the emitted and reflected EM waves. This measurement method is used in phase laser rangefinders.

The laser rangefinder can perform indoor and outdoor measurements with an accuracy of 1 millimeter per kilometer. The professional construction laser rangefinder can measure the distance up to about 150 meters. The telemeter can measure a distance of 1500 meters. These rangefinders are mainly used for hunting, agriculture, forestry, and road construction.

What are the benefits of using measurement analysis instruments?

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Compared with similar optical and ultrasonic products, the laser rangefinder is the most powerful and technologically advanced measuring tool. In addition to very accurate measurements, their main advantage is that they can be used by one person. Optical rangefinders are used for accurate distance measurement on construction sites and large open areas, and at least two people are required to do it at the same time. Therefore, the use of laser rangefinders can reduce the need for personnel and greatly speed up the measurement process.

Laser rangefinders are not susceptible to measurement errors caused by inaccurate tool positioning and other operator errors. More importantly, many professional laser rangefinders are equipped with electronic registration assistance and automatic calibration functions, providing the ability to perform measurements based on Hooke's equation and the "painter" function. These tools can also perform the continuous measurement, delay measurement, surface sum or difference measurement, and volume measurement. The laser rangefinder is equipped with an advanced processor and a clear picture to display the measurement results, which greatly improves the functionality, practicability, and convenience of daily use.

It is a professional laser rangefinder, and it can also be measured using mathematical functions. This function is based on the algorithm of the Pythagoras equation. Refer to two measurement points, Help the operator to measure the height of the object. This is a very useful function. You can measure the height of the object simply by moving the laser spot above and below the object.

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