Every family now has a garden. The garden tool set is indispensable. Do you know what tools are in the garden tool kit?

gardening tool

What's in the Gardening Tool Set 5 Pieces?

1. Pruning shears: Pruning can be used to trim branches and branches. These special scissors are dexterous, have a wide handle, and are easy to use. In fact, scissors are very versatile. You can trim not only flowers but also wool.

2. Shovel: The gardening shovel is generally flat, rectangular, and semicircular. Different from the traditional farm tool shovel, the gardening shovel is small and exquisite, suitable for digging, plowing, organizing the land, preparing flower beds, and planting in small gardens.

3. Hoes: plan stubborn roots and hay, level the soil, and prepare for planting new plants. The hoe is easy to dig trenches and repair soil, and it is easy to hoe the soil by grasping the slightly curved handle.

gardening tool set 5 pieces

4. Ripper: The sturdy fork teeth of the ripper simply rake out thick hard soil, and the weeds fall to the ground wherever it goes. The steering wheel is durable, clean, flat, and comfortable, and the stainless steel fork can ensure long-term frequent use.

5. Watering can: It can make your land moist, and you can also use the watering can to water your garden. The operation is simple, just fill the pot with water and you can use it.

With a gardening tool kit, you can perform operations such as digging, weeding, loosening, pruning, transplanting, and watering to meet all your gardening needs.

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