Every family's hedges look very comfortable if they are clean and tidy, but to achieve this effect, they need to be trimmed. It can be trimmed manually, but it is more effective and easier to use a 21-volt cordless hedge trimmer.

How to trim a medium hedge

Cut both sides vertically.

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Cut the vertical plane with an arc swing. The double-blade arbitrage trimmer cuts up and down at the same time, saving time. When working, walk along the length of the fence. Cut off the top fence. When cutting the upper fence, the knife bar must be kept horizontal and at a small angle (about 10°). When the pole is working, clean the broken leaves on the fence.

How to prune higher hedges

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Keep the high fence or long fence intact and save the time and cost of building scaffolding and working platforms for high-support fences. This also means that you can stand on the ground to maintain the fence.

Most tall hedge electric trimmers have a rotatable cutting head, so you can set the top of the fence and the angle of lace trimming.

The fence must be trimmed in the early stages of growth to prevent the stems from being too long and causing poor growth. The pruning constant depends on the type of hedge.

Construct hedges according to the actual situation as soon as possible—whether new or formal hedges, they should be tapered, so the bottom must be wider than the top so that the sunlight from the bottom can grow healthily.

After the fence is repaired, it can be maintained in a healthy and orderly state through regular maintenance. If you have experience, you can trim it visually, but I have a good idea. This is the tension between the rhizomes. If the fence is broken, retrimming is usually the only remedy. But remember, this method is not applicable to all species. Especially coniferous trees, if old branches are cut off.

5startool (www.5startool.com) reminds you that the season and frequency of logging vary from species to species, but based on experience, evergreen trees (such as Ligustrum lucidum) must be trimmed two to three times a year during the growing season. (May to September); some conifers are planted quickly and may need to be pruned more frequently to control their shape. Don't prune cypress trees at the end of August. Low-deciduous leaves such as beech and goose feathers need to be pruned in late August. If you need a lot of pruning, you need to do it at the end of February while the plants are still dormant.

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