In many households, electric hand-held chainsaws are very common tools. The main features of this GardenJoy 4-inch cordless electric hand-held chainsaw are flexible use, simple operation, safety, and reliability. From this article, you can learn how to use a hand-held chain saw.

electric hand-held chainsaw

1. When using an electric saw, the workpiece should be fixed first to avoid vibration when the sawtooth cuts the workpiece or plate.

2. During operation, hold the small sheet with your left hand or fix it on the workbench with your left hand; please hold the saw handle with your right hand and move it forward slowly to avoid pushing too hard and hurting your body or the saw. After the board is fixed, you must hold the saw handle with both hands to cut the big board forward. Sawtooth is carried out row by row, keep the sawtooth perpendicular to the board surface to prevent the saw from crooked.

3. When sawing to the end, use one hand to hold the side of the workpiece and the plate that may fall, and the other hand to push the saw to the end of the saw line, and then lift the saw to complete the sawing.

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Safe operation of an electric saw.

1. When the tool is not in use or after use, do not run it, keep it closed

2. Do not disassemble or replace the plug of the tool power cord at will.

3. Don't touch the saw when it is running, so as not to injure yourself

4. Do not damage the cable of the tool. Do not pull the cable moving tool, and do not pull the wire or plug. When an outdoor extension cord is required, be sure to use an outdoor dedicated extension cord and wiring board.

5. After the saw stops working, it cannot be touched. The saw will be very hot and burn your skin.

6. When the tool fails, please go to a special repair station for repair. Do not force the use of defective tools to avoid danger.

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