There are many choices for garden hoses in the market. Most people think that there is no difference between hoses and choose relatively cheap products. It will cause many problems. For example, the length of the hose you buy is only suitable for use in your garden. When you want to use it further away, you will find that it is not long enough, and the longer one is more expensive and not easy to store. We recommend expandable garden hoses, which are small after storage. When water enters the hose, the hose will expand and reach three times the original length.

best garden hose

Why choose an expandable garden hose and how to consider its characteristics, we can compare from the following aspects.

1. Length: The length of the universal garden hose ranges from 25 feet to 100 feet, but it does not mean that the longest length of the hose is the best. Just as I said, if you buy the longest length, its price will be expensive,  and it is not very convenient to use. If you buy a shorter length, you will find that some places are out of reach when you use it. Therefore, we recommend that you buy our expandable garden hose in the category of home tools in 5startool, because it is small and easy to place after storage, and the length will reach three times the original length when used.

2. Flexibility: The longer garden hose, is very inconvenient to use, occasionally knotted, it is difficult to adjust the direction. And ordinary hoses have small bending amplitude, and excessive bending will cause material damage. So this is why we use expandable garden hoses. Its bending range and flexibility greatly facilitate your life.

3. Water flow: the larger the diameter, the more water the hose carries, but it will be heavier and inconvenient to use. Therefore, we can choose an expandable garden hose, which will directly become larger when expanded and is relatively light.

best garden hose

For the above reasons, we strongly recommend that everyone use expandable garden hoses. You can buy expandable hoses at the best price at 5startool (

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