Craft lovers should know the hot melt glue gun because when making handmade products, hot melt glue guns are often used. The reason why hot melt guns are so popular is related to many of their characteristics. What are the characteristics of the hot melt gun? Do you know how to use a hot melt glue gun?

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How to use a hot melt glue gun?

1. The hot melt gun uses a rubber rod made of plastic synthesized. We'd better choose high transparency hot melt glue gun, otherwise, it will be harmful to our health.

2. Insert the rubber stick from the back of the rubber gun, turn on the power switch, the power indicator light will light up, which means the rubber gun starts to heat up. After a few minutes, pull the trigger and try to squeeze a bit of rubber. You can easily squeeze it out.

3. Put the hot melt adhesive on the cracked place of the object to be bonded and then apply a little more. Then, put in the fragments. The sooner the better. If the time is too long, the glue will solidify and affect the bonding effect.

4. Align the fragments at the break, press firmly, and put them aside for a while, then use them again. If you feel that there is too much glue on the bonding surface, you can use a blade to cut off the excess glue.

5. Please be careful not to use the hot melt gun for a long time to avoid burning. When not in use, please cut off the power to avoid accidents. In addition, do not touch the spray gun body and adhesive during the heating process to avoid burns.

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What are the characteristics of the hot melt glue gun?

1. Desiring thoroughly to eliminate glue drops and other phenomena.

2. The hot melt spray gun has built-in German high-quality sealing structural components to ensure the stability and durability of the spray gun body.

3. The gun body solenoid valve can choose C24V or AC220 linkage source according to user requirements.

4. The gun body is precisely processed from all stainless steel materials, and its life and wear resistance far exceed the traditional aluminum gun body.

5. The specifications and dimensions of the hot melt spray gun nozzle can be ordered according to user requirements. Long-term equipped with long-lasting hot melts the gun streamline gun nozzles, rubber sealing strips are placed on suitable refrigerator sealing rubber strips, rubber strips on hollow glass, etc.

6. It can be transformed into other brands of hot melt adhesive equipment applications according to user requirements.

7. Various forms of glue spraying can be used, such as silk glue, scraper glue, dispensing glue, fiber glue, spiral glue, and so on.

8. The hot melt glue gun is easy to operate and has high flexibility. It is equipped with a gimbal that can rotate freely between 360 degrees and 270 degrees, and the spraying process is not restricted.

How to use a hot melt glue gun? What are the characteristics of the hot melt glue gun? I have answered these two questions in detail. In addition to the above advantages, the hot melt gun has a wide range of uses and brings great convenience to people's lives. However, considering safety factors, when choosing a hot melt spray gun brand, choosing a good reputation and good product will be easier to use, and rest assured.

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