In the current family, the vacuum sealer is actually a very important home tool. There is often leftover food at home. Unfortunately, discard it, if you save it incorrectly, it will deteriorate. At this time, a vacuum sealer is needed. Preserving food in a vacuum can maintain the freshness of the food and prevent it from spoiling. But let me tell you in detail how to choose an easy-to-use vacuum sealer. 

First, let's look at the size of the machine. There are three common types of vacuum machines: large vacuum sealers that must be placed on the floor and large vacuum sealers that can be placed on the table. In order to meet the needs of our daily family, please choose a small and medium-sized desktop vacuum sealing machine. The other is a smaller mini-sealer than this one, you can choose those who do not require a high vacuum. Therefore, this type is more cost-effective. But there are many household vacuum sealers, but you still have to choose carefully. The vacuum sealer in the 5startool discount tools store is the first choice. Performance and speed are very good. Then, if you want to choose a good type, you can check the performance and speed of the machine. 

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Next, let's take a look at the performance of the machine. After understanding the product, you can first check whether it corresponds to the vacuum seal of dry food and wet food modes. Some relatively inexpensive vacuum sealers only support dry food, cat food, and other foods and seals, and do not require high plastic seals for food. However, if you want to block greasy food such as fish and fish, please pay attention to whether it has the function of the wet and dry mode. In addition, you can also confirm whether the food has an external extraction function, that is, in addition to the vacuum bag, you can also confirm whether the food can be processed in a vacuum tank, clothing bag, etc. 

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Next, let's look at the speed of the machine. Speed determines the efficiency of our vacuum packaging. If you need to seal a large amount of food, the efficiency will be low and it will be very uncomfortable. The speed here can be seen from two aspects. The first is whether the machine supports multiple packaging operations. For example, while helping to update the vacuum sealing device, it can be placed in a 4-pack vacuum-sealed bag for vacuum sealing. For batch processing, we don't need to process it in a software package, which is very effective. On the other hand, regarding the speed of vacuuming, let us focus on the mechanical vacuum force (kpa). Generally speaking, the stronger the vacuum pressure, the faster the vacuum and the stronger the force. Finally, let us look at the ceiling effect of the machine. If the gasket is too thin, it may cause food leakage. If you vacuum, not all machines will work well. We must choose a machine that can better guarantee the vacuum sealing effect. Otherwise, a lot of energy and energy will be wasted, and loss is inevitable. 

Whether it is food left at home last night or snacks that cannot be eaten at once, the vacuum sealer purchased at can easily solve this problem. 

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