With the gradual popularization of baking technology in the family, people's demand for exquisite tableware is becoming more and more diverse. Before, everyone’s egg-beating tool was just a simple manual egg beater. It not only had fatigue in the shoulders and sore hands but also had uneven playing methods and unsatisfactory egg-beating results. Now, the emergence of the electric egg beater can not only meet the egg-beating needs of home cooking but also can complete the production of jam, milkshake, butter, and complimentary food. It can be said that it liberates your hands and makes baking no longer busy. Let us take the household electric egg beater purchased from the 5startool store as an example to understand how to use the electric egg beater?

egg beater

Put the ingredients to be stirred into the container. The electric egg beater purchased from the 5startool store is suitable for all kinds of containers, including stainless steel, glass, ceramic, and PP plastic, without special requirements. If you need to beat eggs, please remove the shell first.

Turn on the power of the electric egg beater, and then select the appropriate gear according to your needs. The first gear is a slow gear, which is used to mix whole eggs and liquid food; the second gear is a low gear, which is used to mix seasonings and butter. The third gear is a medium-speed gear, which can be used to mix jams and complementary foods. The fourth gear is high-speed gear, which can stir milkshakes and soften cream. The fifth gear is the fast gear, which can be used for whipping cream and mousse.

Hold the egg beater in your hand, hold the handle, and then select the gear. The machine will start to work. If the agitator is still completed after 5 minutes of continuous use, you can let it stand for 1-2 minutes to continue mixing.

After the ingredients are made, the electric egg beater purchased from 5startool.com can be easily placed on the table to avoid the trouble of dripping, and the tabletop is always kept clean; the mixing head of the machine must be carefully cleaned to ensure that it is used next time clean.
 electric egg beater

Do not use an electric egg beater as a "universal tool." Different gears correspond to different baking needs. Choose the corresponding stalls according to the ingredients to achieve professional standards and enhance the taste; you must learn to use a egg beater without over-mixing or overtime. In order to protect the motor and prolong the service life of the machine, when the machine runs for about 5 minutes, please rest for 1-2 minutes before using it again. During the mixing process, do not change gears at will. If you need to change gears in the process of making materials, please wait until the machine is completely stopped before performing the gear shifting operation. After use, it is recommended to gently remove the mixing head counterclockwise to clean up the ingredients on the mixing head. When we usually do not use the electric egg beater, we 5startool(www.5startool.com) recommend that everyone remove the mixing head and place it separately to avoid rust or disconnection of the egg beater.