The GardenJoy 4 Inch Cordless Electric Handheld Chainsaw is one of the most common power tools. Compared with traditional chainsaws, modern chainsaws have made great progress. The current chainsaw was simple to operate. The handle is designed according to ergonomics, and also has precisely arranged serrations and safety protection mechanisms. How to choose the right electric drill? This article will give you a satisfactory answer.

One, what is an electric saw? What is the use of an electric saw?

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An electric saw is a cutting tool that uses electricity as the power to cut wood, stone, steel, etc., with sharp teeth on the edge. Electric saws are also divided into fixing and hand-held. The saw is generally made of tool steel, and there are many types such as round, rod, and chain.

Two. How to choose the right chainsaw?

1. Purpose: Both circulars saws and jigsaws are loved by professionals and amateurs. When used in construction and woodwork, it is recommended to prepare two chainsaws at the same time. Before cutting wood, building a wooden platform in front of the door, and making furniture yourself, they are all competent.

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2. The difference between an electric saw and a circular saw: an electric saw is very light, so when you always cut different materials, please consider buying an electric saw. Since the jigsaw has the function of free adjustment, the saw blade can be easily adjusted according to the thin and different thickness of hardwood, metal, plastic, and other materials. The basic uses of the circular saw are cross-cutting and cutting. Cross-cutting refers to open the wood horizontally. Cutting refers to cutting along the grain of the wood. This method is usually used when cutting boards.

3. Saw the blade: Saw the blade is one of the most important parts of an electric saw. The more saw teeth, the higher the work efficiency. Large circular saws often use 24 saw blades with a diameter of 18.41. Steel serrations are the cheapest, but when used to cut hardwoods, they quickly become dull. The serrations of the carbide tip are sharper, and the use time is longer. Buying a circular saw with a shaft or spindle lock will make it much faster to replace the saw blade. The spindle lock can prevent the movement of the shaft and the serrations, so the replacement of the blade becomes easy.

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