To make high quality tools convenient and accessible for hobbyists, homeowners, and semi-pros.

About Us

5StarTool was started in 2009, when our founder was faced with the complicated decision of which tools he needed to finish off some basic renovations at home. He didn’t need to hire professionals, and he didn’t need to spend a fortune on trade tools; as long as he had high quality tools he was more than capable of finishing these projects on his own.

Ever since that day, our team has been committed to creating the best quality tools for hobbyists, homeowners and semi pros.

We take a tremendous amount of pride in designing and developing high-quality, innovative, and affordable tools to finish any home project. We know that a lot of home improvements, renovation, and construction can be done by you at home - but only if you have the right tools to do so.

Our tools are durable, versatile, and powerful, and even though we design them for hobbyists, homeowners, and semi-pros, we often see them in the hands of professionals. We rigorously test and select the best tools that we would use ourselves, including cordless impact drills / drivers, brushless wrenches, cordless trimmers, and every accessory you’ll need for a successful home improvement / DIY project.

In 2015 our mission to make high quality tools convenient and accessible for hobbyists, homeowners, and semi-pros became a movement, and in addition to the tools we personally develop, we also sell tools from other leading brands within the industry.

Why Choose Us?

Our main goal is to make it easy and convenient for you to find the best, and most high quality tools for your DIY project, and we’re happy to collaborate with other high quality products to achieve this mission, even if those tools are not our own. So, grab a tool and let’s get that project list started!